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Save Hundreds of Hours on Account Reconciliations

Sigma IQ is the first enterprise-strength matching reconciliation engine built on machine learning.

Our patent-pending technology dramatically reduces the time and resources required for enterprise companies to reconcile accurately, so you can get back to doing.

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Why Sigma IQ Matters to Enterprise F&A and Operations

98%+ Transaction Matching Performance

Whether thousands or millions of transactions, our proprietary patent-pending AI-powered matching engine maximizes your match performance and accuracy. Say goodbye to manual, rules-based matching.

Up and Running in Days, Not Months

Our cloud-based solution means you can get up and running in less than a day with no implementation costs. This means you can start reconciling and provides you with a positive ROI from day one while dramatically lowering your implementation risks.

Extreme Security & Audit Controls

Our privacy-centric design will keep your business safe and your auditor happy.  We’ve designed Sigma IQ to include COSO 13 controls from the ground up. We also provide built-in tracking/logging at the transaction level to improve audit visibility.

Whether for Dollars or Compliance, Every Transaction Matters

We specialize in high volume, difficult, and complex mission-critical reconciliations requiring precision accuracy and speed.  Sigma IQ's proprietary AI-power is perfect when close enough is not good enough.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Bank Reconciliations
Supplier Matching
Point of Sale
Credit Card Reconciliations
Inventory Movements
Invoice Matching
Work Order Transactions
Purchase Order Matching
B&O Tax Collections
Sales Tax
Use Tax
Property Tax Remittances
Electronic Payments
Insurance Premiums
FX movements
Loan Remittances
Fund Administration
Intercompany Reconciliations
Medical Billing
3rd Party Payors
Adjustments & Offsets
Billing Codes
Trade Quantities
Tariff Remittances
Freight Matching
Surcharge to Invoice
Insurance Claims
3rd Party Disbursements
Trade Settlement
Bill of Lading
Payment Service Provider
Inventory Receiving
Travel Expense Reporting
Currency Transfers

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Outstanding matching performance.  Zero administration overhead.  Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.  Staff friendly intuitive interface. Let us show you why you will love Sigma IQ.

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Want to see how Sigma IQ can dramatically improve your matching reconciliations?  Sigma IQ is the only account reconciliation platform that can show you how it works with YOUR data BEFORE you buy.

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Reducing Time to Close through AI-driven Reconciliation

According to the APQC General Accounting Open Standards Benchmarking survey (2,300 companies participated) - Cycle Time for Monthly close ranges from 4.8 days or less for the top 25% of companies to 10 days or more for the bottom 25% of performers.

Cost Savings through AI-driven Account Reconciliation

According to a study by Robert Half & the Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF), only 13% of F&A teams have utilized advancements in technology solutions, with the majority of CFO’s admitting they still struggle with painful aspects of account reconciliation.

Automating F&A and Operations through AI

It's time for finance and accounting operations to move beyond spreadsheets and fragile rules based systems. Next generation technology such as Machine Learning provide specific solutions to hard problems.

5 Ways AI/Machine Learning Reduces Risk in Account Reconciliation

Managing risk is a core function of Finance and Accounting (F&A) teams. Nobody wants surprises, be it extra work, a poor audit, or a restatement. New technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Software - when used properly - can reduce many types of risks inherent in account reconciliation software selection and use.

"How do I Get My First CFO Job?” - The Three Paths to CFO

The journey to CFO can be long and not particularly clear to most people in F&A. Especially that final jump to CFO. While we tend to think that just by keeping our heads down and doing a great job will eventually get us to the rank of CFO, it's never that simple. You need to be thoughtful and strategic to map your way to C-Suite. This post outlines three common paths for achieving CFO status that should help with your planning.

A Risk-Adjusted Method Of Software Selection

Software selection for the enterprise is a complicated process that needs a structure in order to be successful. Most standard frameworks deal with the features, pricing and fit but fail to include different risks of implementation and success. This post describes how to add risk to the framework so that your decision is de-risked.

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