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- Machine Learning Powered Matching Engine
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- Simple to Use. No Consultants or IT Required
- Flexible - Works with Your Workflow

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Why Sigma IQ Matters to Both F&A and Operations Teams

Flexible Platform that Fits YOUR Workflow

Reconciliations come in many shapes and sizes. Sigma IQ does not force you into a rigid workflow, but gives you the power of an AI - Machine Learning based matching engine that can fits into your process and drastically reduces manual reconciliation work.

Up and Running in Days, No IT Required

Our cloud-based solution means you can get up and running in less than a day with no implementation costs or requirements for your IT Team. This means you can start reconciling from day one while dramatically lowering your implementation risks.

Extreme Security & Audit Controls

Our privacy-centric design will keep your business safe and your auditor happy.  We’ve designed Sigma IQ to include COSO 13 controls from the ground up. We also provide built-in tracking/logging at the transaction level to improve audit visibility.

Whether for Dollars or Compliance, Every Transaction Matters

Reconciliations come in MANY different formats, use cases and workflows. Sigma IQ's platform is flexible enough to save your team time on an enormous range of data matching scenarios.

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Bank Reconciliations
Supplier Matching
Point of Sale
Credit Card Reconciliations
Inventory Movements
Invoice Matching
Work Order Transactions
Purchase Order Matching
B&O Tax Collections
Sales Tax
Use Tax
Property Tax Remittances
Electronic Payments
Insurance Premiums
FX movements
Loan Remittances
Fund Administration
Intercompany Reconciliations
Medical Billing
3rd Party Payors
Adjustments & Offsets
Billing Codes
Trade Quantities
Tariff Remittances
Freight Matching
Surcharge to Invoice
Insurance Claims
3rd Party Disbursements
Trade Settlement
Bill of Lading
Payment Service Provider
Inventory Receiving
Travel Expense Reporting
Currency Transfers

See it in Action

Outstanding matching performance.  Zero administration overhead.  Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.  Staff friendly intuitive interface. Let us show you why you will love Sigma IQ.

Let Us Show You Because Seeing is Believing

Want to see how Sigma IQ can dramatically improve your matching reconciliations?  We'll show you how flexible and simple our platform is.

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